The Fundamentals of Sales

As a sales rep, manager, and VP, I helped SuccessFactors, Box, and Intercom grow from single-digit millions in ARR to billion-dollar valuations. During this time I worked with hundreds of salespeople.

What separates the good from the best was clear: the best reps followed these Sales Fundamentals.

I used the term fundamentals as a parallel to the sports world. In mastering the position of quarterback or pitcher you have a specialized coach who breaks down each fundamental of the motion.

I am doing the same for the position of sales. It was how we evaluated everyone on their growth while on the team. Those who got promoted demonstrated progress and mastery in these areas.

At the same time, those that excelled in these areas were also the ones who made the most money on the team. I could use mastery of these skills as a leading indicator before the numbers.

The Redjay Fundamentals of Sales

Sharing the fundamentals with your sales team, and referring back to them during one-on-ones will allow you to keep people on your team longer as well as make them more productive.

By combining traditional sales metrics with skill development, you’ll not only have a complete picture of the individuals on your team, but you’ll also be leading a highly productive and engaged sales force.

And that’s how you’ll consistently over-achieve quota for years to come because, at the end of the day, the people make the business.

On a mission to make managers more effective with less work. This allows managers to increase productivity for the company by empowering their direct reports to achieve their full potential.